SpecSync for MTM Documentation

Many teams that are currently in a transformation process towards using agile and bdd have to face the problem that the new specification artefacts and reports have to be integrated into the existing tool chain. In the case of SpecFlow, many of such teams use Microsoft Test Manager (MTM, part of Team Foundation Server / Visual Studio Team Services). As the manual test activities (especially exploratory testing) also play an important role in agile testing and BDD, MTM might still have its place in the new tool chain. Also MTM has an important feature that it allows to run automated tests on different virtual lab environments (e.g. on different operating systems).

SpecSync for MTM is a synchronization tool that integrates SpecFlow to MTM.

Project site: http://speclink.me/specsync.

More information about the motivation and goals of the project can be found in an earlier post at http://gasparnagy.com/2016/02/integrating-specflow-with-microsoft-test-manager-mtm/.

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